High pressure machine
DEN-SIN Mermaid E-1100 440V 60Hz

SKU: 700995255
manufacturer: DEN-SIN

Product description

The MERMAID Heavy Duty High-Pressure Water Blasters offer powerful and cost efficient cleaning for professional users.

Technical Data   Mermaid E-1100
Pressure: bar/psi 1100(16500)
Flow: L/min/USgpm 16(4.2)
Power consumption: Kw/Hp 30(40)
Power supply: V 440/3ph/60Hz
Motor speed: Rpm 900
El-cable, Oil resistant m 15
High pressure hose  m 20
Water inlet temp. Max: °C 60
Noise Level LpA 75dB(A)
Weight: kg 490
Dimension L x W x H: mm 1495x950x1235
Note: Supply standard with dump type trigger gun with 1000mm stainless steel lance with zero degree
nozzle. Other accessories and attachments are available upon request.


• Removing paint, rust, markings and graffiti on 
   steel and concrete surfaces.
• Removing lime scale deposits and marine growth.
• Roughening of concrete surfaces.
• Deck cleaning and cleaning of cargo hold.
• Dust free sand blasting.
• Drain cleaning


• Solid, galvanized & powder-coated frame.
• Non-corrosive material used in pumps and fittings.
• Unique pump design with quintuple (5) ceramic plungers ensuring smooth pulsation 
   free flow.
• Stainless steel pump-head.
• Built-in stainless unloader/safety valve.
• Start-up accumulator.
• Easy access to pump for service & maintenance. 
• Weatherproof star/delta Starter box.
• Powerful 40 Hp Motor with overload relay, IP54 classification, class F insulation and 
   continuous running duty.
• Low water level cut-off switch.
• 80L Water break tank with filter and inlet float valve.
• Built-in trigger gun holder and cable holder for ease of transportation from point to point.
• Pneumatic wheels for easy transportation


• Cleaning contractors.
• Building & construction.
• Marine.
• Offshore.
• Manufacturing
High pressure machine DEN-SIN Mermaid E-1100 440V 60Hz