High pressure machine
DEN-SIN C-170E 440V 60Hz

SKU: 700998020
manufacturer: Nilfisk

Product description
The high pressure cleaner is used for daily cleaning of machinery, vehicles and buildings. Removes stubborn dirt, stains and other debris stuck to multiple surfaces.

Technical Data
Pressure: bar/psi 170/2465
Flow: L/min/gpm 15.2/4.0
Power consumption: Kw/Hp 4.4/6.0
Power supply:   440/3ph/60Hz
Motor RPM: 50/60Hz 1450/1750
Water inlet temp. Max: °C 35
Weight: kg 46
Dimension L x W x H: mm 720x480x900
Standart Accessories
• Double barrel lance with pressure regulator
• Trigger gun and lance with quick coupling connection
• El-cable, oil resistant (10m)
• High pressure hose 3/8" (10m)
These heavy-duty High Pressure Cleaners are capable of removing any kind of dirt:
• Algae off concrete constructions
• Paint and graffiti off walls
• Dust, dirt, soil & mud off floors
• Oil & grease off engines and other mechanical parts
• Dirt and salt deposits off ship decks
And with the option for use of accessories even many more jobs are to be dealt with:
• Wet sand-blasting
• Drain-cleaning
• Dispensing of soaps and chemicals
• Sludge pumping
• Extra long lances for hard to reach places
• Floor cleaning equipment
• Rotary brushes
• Low speed motor/pump unit.
• Non corrosive materials in pump, fittings & pipes.
• 3 fully ceramic pistons.
• Long life seals.
• Stainless steel valves.
• Built-in by-pass/safety-valve.
• Class F motor with overload protection.
• Inlet/outlet quick couplings.
• 3 wheels for easy transportation (front wheel w/brake).
• Easy access for service and maintenance.
• High durability due to low speed motor/pump unit.
• Pressure regulator for economical  environmental usage of water.
• Manufacturing.
• Building & Construction.
• Offshore.