UHP DEN-SIN C-1400/38E

SKU: E140038
manufacturer: DEN-SIN

Product description

This series of Electric poweres coldwater UHP Water Blaster offers you high performance and a design optimized for heavy duty use. The design of the surrounding frame safeguard the vital parts during transport and use, and the high performance gives you the opportunity to solve an array of blasting tasks. The Water Blaster is designed for industrial and for offshore use. All pump parts fittings and pipes in contact with water are made of non-corrosive materials. Together with the carbide coated plungers, long life seals and stainless steel valves, it ensures long life and high durability.

Technical Data   C-1400/38E
Motor: hp 150
  kw 110
Motor speed: Rpm (50/60Hz) 1450/1750
Working pressure: Bar 1400
  Psi 20000
Flow capacity: l/min 38
  Gpm 10
Power supply:   380-415V/3Ph/50Hz
Weight: kg 1800
Dimension L x W x H: mm 2200x1300x1900


• Non corrosive materials are used in pump, fittings & pipe.
• Triplex pump with carbide plungers.
• "Floating" plunger system with water cooling.
• In-line valves.
• Built-in geabox.
• Extremely service friendly pump design.
• Rupture disc protecting against over-pressurization.
• Class F motor with overload protection. Isolation IP54 standard
• Star/delta starter box.
• Hour meter.
• 200L stainless steel water break tank with inlet filter.
• Low water level and pressure cut-off system.
• Two step water filtration system with booster feed pump.
• Hot-dip galvanized frame with powder coating, lifting eyes and forklift pockets.


These UHP Water Blasters are capable of removing any kind of dirt:
• Removing of paint, graffiti and rust on steel and 
   concrete surfaces.
• Roughening and removing of concrete surfaces.
• Removing of algaes/marine grows.


• Cleaning Contractors.
• Manufacturing.
• Building & Construction.
• Off-shore.