Waterblaster DEN-SIN C-1000/63D

SKU: D100063
manufacturer: DEN-SIN

Product description
The series of Diesel driven High-Pressure Water-Blasters offer total independence of external power supply giving a higher degree of flexibility. The combination of high flow and high-pressure ensure great efficiency in a number of heavy duty cleaning task.
Technical Data   C-1000/63D
Pressure: bar/psi 100014500
Flow: L/min/USgpm 63/16.7
Power consumption: Kw/Hp 110/150
Engine:   Deutz 6 Cyl.
    Turbo Charged
    Air Cooled
Engine speed: Rpm  1800
Pump speed: Rpm 517
High pressure hose m 20
Fuel tank capacity: L 140
Weight: kg 1700
Dimension L x W x H: mm 2600x1450x1800


These High-Pressure Water Blasters are capable of removing any kind of dirt:
• Removing of paint, graffiti and rust on steel and 
   concrete surfaces.
• Roughening and removing of concrete surfaces.
• Removing of algaes/marine grows. 
• Dust free sand blasting.


• Non corrosive materials are used in pump, fittings & pipe. 
• Triplex pump with carbide plungers. 
• In-line valves. 
• Built-in geabox. 
• Extremely service friendly pump design. 
• Safety valve protecting against over-pressurization. 
• Trigger operated dump gun. 
• Automatic engine shut-down system. 
• Throttle control with vernier adjustment. 
• Control panel with oil-pressure, temperature, hour meter and RPM gauges. 
• 250L stainless steel water break tank with inlet filter. 
• Low water level and pressure cut-off system. 
• Two step water filtration system with booster feed pump. 
• Built-in fuel tank with level indicator. 
• Hot-dip galvanized frame with powder coating, lifting eyes and forklift pockets.


• Cleaning Contractors.
• Manufacturing.
• Building & Construction.
• Off-shore.
Waterblaster DEN-SIN C-100063D