Air powered high pressure machine

SKU: 700995537
manufacturer: DEN-SIN

Product description
   The air powered high pressure cleaner is designed for heavy duty usage in hazardous environments. The C-200AIR can be used in areas where combustible gases may be present, and hence increases cleaning safety.

Technical Data
Pressure: bar/psi 200/2900
Flow: L/min/USgpm 15.0/4.0
Power consumption: Kw/Hp 6.6/9.0
Air motor/Pump speed: Type/Rpm GLOBE / 1500
Air consumption: M3/Hour 115
  Cf/min 250
Max air pressure: Bar/Psi 7/100
Water inlet temp. Max: °C 60
Weight: kg 70
Dimension L x W x H: mm 850x550x900
Standart Accessories
• Double barrel lance with pressure regulator
• Trigger gun and lance with quick coupling connection
• High pressure hose 3/8" (10m) 
These heavy-duty High Pressure Cleaners are capable of removing any kind of dirt:
• Algae off concrete constructions
• Paint and graffiti off walls
• Dust, dirt, soil & mud off floors
• Oil & grease off engines and other mechanical    parts
• Dirt and salt deposits off ship decks 
And with the option for use of accessories even many more jobs are to be dealt with: 
• Wet sand-blasting
• Drain-cleaning
• Dispensing of soaps and chemicals
• Sludge pumping
• Extra long lances for hard to reach places
• Floor cleaning equipment
• Rotary brushes 
• Low speed pump unit.
• Non corrosive materials are used in pump, fittings and pipes.
• 3 fully ceramic pistons.
• Long life seals.
• Stainless steel valves.
• Built-in by-pass/safety-valve.
• Spark-free air motor.
• Built-in air filter, regulator and lubricator.
• Built-in silencer.
• Inlet/outlet quick coupling.
• Built-in chemical injector.
• Easy access for service and maintenance.
• High durability due to low pump speed.
• Spark-free air motor.
• Refineries.
• Chemical plants.
• Oil-rigs.
• Oil plants.
• Tankers.
DEN-SIN C-200Air