DEN-SIN is a subsidiary company of Nilfisk A/S, based in Singapore. DEN-SIN is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of machines working under high pressure, ranging from 110 Bar to 2500 Bar designed to serve the needs of customers from different sectors - Shipbuilding and repair, construction, oil and gas industry, automotive industry and others. The DEN-SIN equipment is intended not only for the decontamination of surfaces, but also for blasting of sparingly soluble compounds, rust, paint, graffiti and even cutting concrete.

          In time, the success of the use of water blasting is becoming increasingly recognized worldwide. Over the years, DEN-SIN passed a plan of rapid growth to a plan of aggressive expansion in the market. DEN-SIN has established as a leader not only because of its innovative design and manufacture of this type of technology, but also through good service and fast delivery to any place in the world.

          Headquartered in Singapore, DEN-SIN has manufacturing facilities department for testing and improving the capabilities of the machines experienced manufacturing and service technicians and a dedicated team of sales managers. Department of maintenance, under warranty and past warranty machines, offer the fastest and most efficient service to business customers with daily shipping worldwide.