Warranty and Service


Warranty terms of Bulfisk Ltd. comply with the terms and requirements of the manufacturer DENSIN - Singapore.
      The warranty on all DENSIN equipment is valid 12 months and begins to run from the date of the acceptance of the machine by the customer.
      The guarantee is valid only on properly presented and legible (no erasures and corrections) warranty card or the invoice issued for the machine.
      During the warranty period the machine is repaired free of charge if the damage is caused by material or manufacturing defect. Not considered warranty damaged parts as a result of their normal wear.
    Repair during the warranty period, the warranty is not extended, but the client receives a guarantee 6 months for the replaced spare part/s.

      Warranty service may be refused in the following cases:
- Failure to comply with the instructions for installation and operation;
- When mechanical damage due to transportation or improper operation;
- In an attempt to eliminate the defect by unauthorized service or individuals;
- If damage due to external factors such as adverse weather conditions, electrical overloading, flooding, etc;
- If damage occurred as a result of poor or damaged electrical installation;
- If damage arising from the use of unclean water or water supplied insufficient pressure and flow;
- If damage arising from the use of machines in acidic or highly aggressive preparations;
- Do not considered to guarantee damages caused by freezing of individual assemblies and parts of the machine;
- Do not considered to guarantee damages caused by the use of unauthorized accessories and consumables.