About Us


Bulfisk Ltd. was established in 2011. The company is an official representative of "Nilfisk A/S" (Denmark),a manufacturer of proffesional cleaning equipment and of the company DENSIN (Singapore), a worldwide established leader in the cleaning bussines working with high and ultra-high pressure machines.

      The company headquarters is situated in Varna, Bulgaria. Bulfisk Ltd. has a well-established network in all major cities in the country which proivdes its customers with equipment for all types of customers for both home and professional use, spare parts and accessories Nilfisk, Nifisk Consumer, Nilfisk Outdoor, Viper and DENSIN. Each Bulfisk Ltd. dealer provides its customers with high quality service and service - warranty and post warranty service. In order to increase the skills of the trade and service professionals, Bulfisk Ltd. organizes annual professional trainings and seminars.

        The high level of service, combined with the excellent qualities of the proposed technique confirm the relevance of the mottos of Nilfisk A/S:

 "Why compromise" and "Works for you"